Who We Are

Eagles Rock

The Honorable Most Reverend Bishop Eugene V. Reeves

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! God has established The Eagles Rock Communion of Christian Leaders (ERCCL) as a global network of churches and ministries sharing a common faith and discipline in historic Episcopal government. ERCCL was established to be a force multiplier in the advancing of God’s Kingdom. We have a responsibility and a mandate as Christians to always contend for the faith in God and the saving grace of Jesus Christ and never compromise! Our pastors and church/ministry leaders must be stalwart in their study and meditation in the Word of God and stay in constant prayer for their congregations and others within their sphere of influence. Our churches and ministries must also champion business ventures to dynamically expand our influence and commitment to the tenets of Christian faith as established in the Word of God. Our communion must always uphold the biblical standard of truth and righteousness and serve as a beacon of light and a prophetic voice to the nations.

This dynamic and expansive Christian network extends nationally and internationally with established and flourishing covenantal churches throughout the United States, South America, Central America, Africa, India, and Europe. Rather than being organized geographically, the churches, ministries and businesses comprising ERCCL are connected by covenant relationship and apostolic covering.

ERCCL will continue to advance and extend the Kingdom of God around the globe through evangelism, missions, church planting, and business and pastoral leadership development. Through our annual summit in the United States and our biannual African nations summit, pastors, church leaders and church laity from around the world will gather with the primary focus of empowering and equipping the body of Christ to fulfill the mandate expressed in Genesis 1:28 and the great commission expressed in Matthew 28:19-20.

The EAGLES’ ROCK is the place where eagles gather to be strengthened, nourished, and refreshed in their journey…and that ROCK is JESUS CHRIST!

I implore you dear communion to take hold of the principles in this handbook as we work together to reach the lost at any cost! 

Eugene V. Reeves
Presiding Prelate Bishop